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In the early years of the 1800s, in the heat and humidity of the Sub-Continent and South East Asia, the young men of Britain created the Gunners. 


This cocktail of ginger beer, ginger ale, Angostura Bitters and a twist of lime, served over ice, proved so refreshing and restorative that those intrepid young explorers judged it to be 

"just the ticket" .


Two hundred years later, our young people need exactly that same restorative,

non-alcoholic refreshment, as they explore their fast-changing world.


So, we have made the Gunners Cocktail available on draught.  


Our gift to today’s intrepid young people!



Gunners Cocktails Ltd, 10 Brick Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 7HQ   |   +44 (0) 20 3457 1480   |   info@gunnerscocktails.co.uk

The Gunners Saint is the original classic. Ginger ale, ginger beer and Angostura bitters with a twist of lime, served over ice. A long, non-alcoholic drink with a grown-up kick, providing total refreshment without your halo slipping!

New Bottle Red.png

The Gunners Sinner is the same great refreshing drink as the Saint but mixed with dark rum for a little more punch.  

At 4.5% abv, the fiery mix of the ginger beer and ginger ale, combine with the bitters and the rum to create the perfect "sundowner" for an evening on the terrace.

New Bottle Blue.png
Fonts and Clips

We offer a choice of the modern twin-headed font featured at the top of this page or the more traditional swan-necked, single product design pictured to the right.

We also offer you a choice of pump clips between an oval, fish-eye backlit clip (85 x 64.5mm) or the traditional rectangular clip (130 x 85mm) you can see on the right.

Pump Blue.png

Our Elegance Hiball glass is  perfect  for serving our refreshing and restorative Gunners.

Serving Pitcher

This tall 3 Pint Polycarbonate Jug With Lid has a stylish durable construction and is easy to store. Perfect for serving up draft Gunners on any occasion.



Our Gunners coasters are 94mm in diameter and are highly absorbent to prevent those annoying drips that flow from the bottom of an ice-cold glass.

Gunners Bar Runner
Bar Runners
Our rubber-backed, full colour bar runners are 234 x 434mm and will absorb spills and drips from cold glasses keeping your bar (and guests) free from spills and stains.

The Gunners overview brochure covers off our heritage, how to pour the perfect Gunners as well as listing all our promotional and support materials.

A4 Bi-Fold Brochure-05.png
Table Talker.png
Table Talker

The Gunners Table Talker With three panels is a subtle and professional way to introduce our new product to your membership.


The Gunners A4 leaflet is designed for frame/wall mounting on your clubs noticeboards and washrooms.

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