Gunner Cocktails

Refreshingly Different

Yet unchanged since 1842

Sinner Bottle

...or a sinner?

The Gunner Original Sinner is the same great refreshing drink as the Saint but mixed with a shot of dark rum for a little more punch.

At 4.5% abv, the fiery mix of Ginger, Natural Bitters, Lime, and rum create the perfect "sundowner" for an evening on the terrace, or in your favourite place.

From the Gunnerita to the Gunnerpolitan, we've got ideas.

Share your recipes and photos of Gunner moments with us for a chance to win a case.

A blend of ginger, lime and bitters, Gunner Saint is delectable on its own, but when mixed properly, it is truly unbeatable!

So, we ask you… how do you mix yours?

Let us know for the chance to win a Gunners stash, and your own #cocktail named after you! 🍹

A restorative mix of ginger, bitters and lime, Gunner Saint pairs perfectly with a warm day in the pub garden 🍹

Although we have put our own twist on it, the original recipe remains unchanged. After all, why change perfection?

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We’re running a short survey to learn more about our participants non-alcoholic drinking habits, and we want to hear from you (whether you’re a non-drinker or not)!

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A restorative and refreshing blend of ginger, bitters and lime, a Gunner Saint is the perfect companion this summer.

Let us know how you mix your #Gunner Saint to be in with the chance of winning your own stash 🍹

Our Gunner Saint is a mix of ginger, bitters and lime, all mixed to perfection to create one perfect beverage. And did we tell you it’s all natural?

Seriously, you can’t go wrong!

Give Gunner Saint a try, it’s #GunnerBeGreat.

If you’re a manager within the hospitality industry, you know that the atmosphere is only half the experience… You need the right drink to go with it!

This is where we come in. Gunner Saint is a refreshing blend of ginger, bitters and lime, perfect to enjoy on a warm day!

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